Destination MS Teams

The pandemic has thrust MS Teams to the forefront as the tool of choice leaving customers wondering how to connect it to the outside world. Enable Direct Routing for your customers within minutes.

Programmable MS Teams Endpoints

Deliver to MS Teams using our call flow designer or our programmable API. Create hybrid solutions with MS Teams and legacy PBX equipment as a stepping stone into collaboration.
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Hybrid routing between MS Teams and SIP devices

Not every customer is green field and we know it takes time to move to a new technology. Callable allows customers to dip their toe in with Teams whilst keeping existing systems.
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Intelligently route to MS Teams

Route based on ANI, DNIS, Time of day, Day of week, Region or Scripting. Not enough? Route Teams calls based on your 3rd party data.
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Global presence

We can provide international DDIs in over 100+ Countries.  Callable is built to route shortest path meaning you get the best quality calls for your MS Teams calls
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Extensive API

Build exactly what you need with our flexible API. Get started quickly with docs, SDKs and free developer workspaces

Turn-key solution’s

Get exactly the system you require to deliver for your customers. Drive new business, and increase the services you can offer for your clients.

Help when you need it

Get fast, helpful support and spec your integration with our product team.
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